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Fruit-picking in Japan

During summer and autumn, people enjoy fruit-picking. Japanese fruits have perfect shapes and beautiful colors, and juicy and sweet tastes. In some Asian countries, Japanese fruits are sold at a high price. You can get such beautiful fruits easily from greengrocers or supermarkets throughout the year, but it tastes especially delicious if you pick by yourself in a natural setting.
Fruits gardens are periodically open for tourist, and allow them to pluck fruits by the hour. Payment is made either by collecting an entrance fee to orchards, or measuring the fruit in the basket before leaving the fruits garden.
There are a number of fruits gardens across the country. One of the most visit site is Yamanashi prefecture, which is easy to access from Tokyo. There are some day trips offered by tour bus companies, available during summer and autumn.
During summer, grapes and peaches are in season, and during autumn, apples, Japanese pears, Japanese persimmons are ready to be eaten. Why don’t you try fruit-picking in the countryside in Japan?


Peach (Aug. – Sep.)

The most of orchards are located in Yamanashi Fukushima and Nagano Prefecture. Generally, peaches are ripe in August until September. Because peaches are very delicate and need special care compare to other fruits, the entrance fee of the peach orchard is rather expensive. “Hakuto” is considered the best variety of peach. It tastes very delicious with its juicy white flesh and strong sweetness. “Hakuho” is also a popular kind, which also has white flesh and is very sweet.


Grape (Jun. – Oct.)

Grapes are harvested from June until October. There are about 40 varieties of Grapes in Japan, and the best of its variety is “Kyoho”. It has blackish-purple skin with large seeds. The flesh is very sweet and juicy. Japanese grapes are exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore etc. Yamanashi, Nagano and Yamanashi prefecture are major producers of grapes.


Nashi or Pear (Sep. – Oct.)

Japanese pears are in season from September to October. Unlike western pears, Japanese pears are round in shape and similar to apples in size, and should be allowed to ripen on the tree. Their flesh has rather rough and crispy texture. “Nijusseiki” (meaning 20th century) which has yellow-green skin are the most popular kind, and are exported overseas (Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA). Along with “Nijusseiki”, “Kosui” and “Hosui” which has brownish-red skin is also popular. Most of pear-orchards can be found in Chiba, Ibaraki and Tottori Prefecture.


Apple (Sep. – Jan.)

Alpples are in the best season from September to January. Unlike western countries, red apples are preferred in Japan. “Fuji” which is very juicy and sweet, and has a bright red skin, is the most popular kind. The flesh has crispy texture and contains syrup. “Sun-Fuji” which is grown in sunshine, does not have the beautiful skin, but it tastes sweeter than “Fuji”. Aomori, Nagano and Iwate Prefecture are famous as the apple producer.


Mikan or Mandarin Orange (Sep. – Feb.)

Japanese mandarin orange is seedless and easy-peeling with your fingers. They are in season from September to February, but “House-mikan” produced under a controlled growing environment, can be found on the market almost all year round. “Unshu-mikan” is the most popular variety of mandarin orange in Japan. It has juicy and soft flesh. The most of orchards are located in Wakayama, Ehime and Shizuoka Prefecture. Japanese mandarin orange is exported to Canada, the USA, etc.

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