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Highly Rated Tour : A group of 4 pax from America, traveling from Oct.for 7 days

Tour fare includes

  • * 6 nights Accommodations(based on double occupancy)
  • * 6 breakfasts
  • * Meeting service at Kansai Airport
  • * English Speaking Guide on Day 4
  • * Pricate coach on Day 4

Dates : 7 days from Oct.17th to Oct.23rd
Cost per adult for a group of 6 people : 95,000 yen + 28,300 yen for Japan Rail Pass

This tour is organized on request only. Tour costs are subject to change according to the travel date and the number of participants. Itinerary is flexible to meet your requests and budget.

LinkIconPlanning & Estimating

Day 1

Arrive at Kansai Airport →Meet English speaking assistant at the arrival lobby → Transfer to Osaka by Limite Express train.→ Change trains at Kagoshima and Ibusuki located in the southeastern end of the Satsuma Peninsula, 50m from Kagoshima. → Proceed to the hotel. →Enjoy Sand Bath, wandering down to the beach where the burial ladies are waiting, shoved in hand, to cover you in wonderfully hot volcanic sand.

Day 2

Proceed to Ibusuki station. →Transfer to Kagoshima city by Limited Exp.train → Leave your luggage at your hotel in Kagoshima, transfer to Kagoshima Ferry terminal →Transfer to the Sakurajima by ferry →Sightseeing in Sakurajima, since 1955 there has been an almost continuous stream of smoke and ash. Among Sakurajima's three peaks, only Minami-dake is active. There are several good lookout points with walkways across a small corner of the immense lava flow. →Back to Kagoshima by ferry →stay in Kagoshima.

Day 3

Transfer to Kumamoto →Sightseeing in Kumamoto→Visit Kumamoto Castle→Former Residence of Hosokawa Gyobu, a spacious samurai villa with grounds pleasant for wandering.→Suizenji Koen Garden →Honmyoji Temple, which is the temple and mausoleum of Kato Kiyomasa, the architect of Kumamoto's great casle.→Stay in Kumamoto

Day 4

Full day tour in Aso & Mt.Aso with a private English speaking gudie→Visit Kikuchi Valley→Daikanbo Peak→Mt.Aso volcanic crater→Kusasenri meadow, a grassy meadow with two lakes in the flattened crater of an ancient volcano.→Kome mound→returen to the hotel

Day 5

Proceed to Kumamoto st. → Travel to Nagasaki by bullet train.→Sightseeing in Nagasaki by tram →Visit Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum where the live footage of the bomb blast, and the bent hands of a twistered clock stuck at 11.02 recall the moment when the bomb exploded above the city's neighbourhoods, are exhibited.→Visit Peace Park with unusual sculpture garden with contributions from around the world.→Visit Urakami Cathedral, the largest church in the East. →Visit Suwa Shrine → The 26 Martyrs Memorial, a memorial wall with reliefs of the 26 Cristians crucified in 1597.→Megane-bashi- Spectacles Bridge, so called because the water and the arches come together to form a reflection in the water, creating a "spectacles " effect.→Oura Catholic Church.→Stay in Nagasaki

Day 6

Proceed to Nagaski station → Transfer to Hakata by Limited Express train→Take bullet train for Osaka. →Arriving in Osaka, leave your luggage at the hotel and sightseeing in Osaka.

Day 7

Free at your leisure until departure.→Proceed to Osaka station. →Transfer to Kansai Airport by train→Depart your country


Sand Bath in Ibusuki

Sand Bath

Wandering down to the beach, the burial ladies are wating there. They shove in hand to cover you in wonderfully hot volcanic sand. For hot-springs aficionados, Ibusuki's sand baths are a must.

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto castle dominates the center of town.The closer you get, the more impenetrable it seems.

Mt.Aso Volcanic crater

Mt.Aso, Volcanic crater

Mt.Aso gigantic volcano caldera. There has been a series of eruption that formed the outer crater about 90,000years ago must have been a big one. It's still the largest active caldera in the world,

Nagasaki Peace Statue

Nagasaki Peace Statue

Nagasaki Peace Park is north og the hypocenter, and is presided over by the Nagasaki Peace Statue and includes the Peace Symbol Zone.

Osaka Dotonbori

Osaka Dotonbori

Dotonbori is Osaka's liveliest nightlife area. It's centred around Dotonbori river and Dotonbori Arcade.