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Mt.Fuji,resort house,group tour

Welcome to Fuji-view Gotemba Guest House

7,500yen per person per night. (Tax included.)HOME

The Fuji-view Gotemba Guest House is located in Gotemba, Shizuoka prefecture with easy access to Hakone. It stands facing Mt.Fuji. The Hot spring baths make you relaxed in the paradise thoroughly.
Fuji – view Gotemba Guest House is rented to guests for just one night or longer, and can provide accommodation for groups of 12 or up to 24 at 7,500yen per night per person including tax and service charge.
We can arrange breakfast from 800yen and dinner from 1,050yen.
If your group is planning to visit Mt.Fuji and Hakone area, stay at Fuji-view Gotemba Guest House !


Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Entrance Gate
Fuji-View Gotemba Guest House offers lodging in the beautiful Mt. Fuji area for tourists.

Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Spacious Hallway
You can also enjoy traditional japanese cuisine, have your choice of western or japanese rooms, and even take on the challenge of climbing Mt. Fuji.

Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Living Room with fireplace
Our accommodations provide a relaxing retreat in which to enjoy views of Mt. Fuji
from living room.

Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Hot Spring Bath
The clear water at foot of Mt.Fuji is very gentle on the skin.
This hot spring is suitable for everyone from the young to the elderly.

Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Bed Room
Room capacity 2~4persons
Simple and pure, and there is a new way to feel yourself relaxed.

Mt.Fuji,resort hosue,group tour
Tatami-mats Room
There's something heart warming and familiar about the sight, smell and feel of a traditional Japanese room. Room capacity : 2~4persons

Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Meeting Hall
Capacity is 90 people.
Quiet surroundings desirable for training or meeting, seminar rooms, clean accommodations are highly appreciated by visitors.

Mt.Fuji, resort house,group tour
Living and Dining room
We named the this house as “Fuji-View Guest House”, representing its spacious and comfortable environment..

DATA on Fuji-View Gotemba Guest House

Accommodation Type
Rental House
Hot Spring Bath, garden, outside barbecue grills ,terrace with Fuji-view, Parking
Price per person per night
@7,500yen per night including tax and service charge
from 12 up to 24 guests
Meals available
dinner : from 1050yen : breakfast: from 800 yen
. Organc food course by Ms.Takamashi : dinner-5,500yen breakfast-1,200yen RECOMMENDED !!!
7 rooms, sleeps maximum of 24 people
(4 Bedrooms with 4 single beds: 2 Bedrooms with 2 single beds : 1 Tatami-mat room for 4 people )
Living Room
Dining Room
comfy seating for 12 people
Bath Room
divided into 2 for men & women
Sweating bath
beautifully made of woods
2 showers and seated area
hot spring bath, maximum of 4 people
air conditioning
hair dryer
shampoo and conditioner
bed linen
Location of House
5 min. from Tomei Highway by car
10 min from JR Gotemba station by car
Nearby Attraction
Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall
Chcihibu-no-miya Memorial Park
Gotemba Beer Park
Mt.Fuji & Hakone Area


Mt.Fuji, resort houseMt.Fuji, resort houseMt.Fuji, resort houseMt.Fuji,resort house