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Nursing Program

Welcome to Japan! Atlas Japan Tour has been actively served tourist groups coming to Japan. We are able to create numerous unique programs. Our achievements and experiences are rich and varied. What's more, our hospitality is simply second to none. Our experienced team of Tour Planning Operators will help your trip and make every member of your group feel welcome.
Please send us the LinkIconPLANNING FORM with your requests. We'll make an ideal tour plan within your budget !

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Atlas Support Service for
Nursing professionals and students

Arrange International Conference Tour with Technical visits to health care facilities

We reserve hotel rooms together with an airport transfer service,as well as arrange visits to the related facilities and the sightseeing spots in Japan. Professional interpreters can be arranged, or we provide translation services for your event.

Customize Nursing Study Tour in Japan

We tailor an nursing program in Japan to suit your needs that combine good travel values with on-site educational visits for nursing students including specialized lectures and workshops. An overseas study experience allows students to immerse themselves in new cultures and undertake learning in a new environment.It provides a great opportunity for personal growth and for students to expand their awareness of how different health care systems function.

  • On-site educational visits
  • Homestay
  • Lectures
  • Session with nursing students in Japan

Facilitate Partnerships or establish a sister school relationship between Nursing schools in Japan and in your country.

The Sister School Project promotes global partnerships among nursing schools. Partnering with other schools allows teachers to share ideas and expertise, and broadens the educational experience for both you and your students.

Promote Partnerships between nursing schools, and explore a teacher or a student exchange program

Nursing Program

Nursing Program

Nursing Program

Nursing International Conference
Nursing International Conference

Japanese Cultures