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SOJIJI Temple (Noto peninsula, Ishikawa)

Established in 1392 as the temple of “Zen”.Rebuilt in 1891.You can have some experiences of”Zen”and the austere vegetarian menu.noto Peninsula is located at the north west of Hoshu facing the Sea of Japan.

TAIZO-IN (Kyoto Prefecture)

TAIZO-IN is a small Zen Buddhism temple located in northwestern Kyoto on the quiet and spacious grounds of Myushoin-ji.The ara is surrounded by temples that belong to Kyoto’s World Heritage site,including the Golden Pavilion,and is not far from the scenic mountains and rivers of Arashiyama.With its beautiful gardens and treasures of Japanese art,Taiozo-in is the oldest and most famous sub-temples of the Myoshin-ji complex,and one of the few temples in Kyoto to offer real Zen culture to the international visitor.Here you can experience Zen meditation,tea ceremony and calligraphy with friendly and dedicated staff.

ENRYAKUJI Temple (Shiga Prefecture)

ENRYAKUJI-Temple on Mt.Hiei is the principal seat of the Tendai School of Buddhism and was founded by the great Buddhist monk,Dengyo Daishi Saicho.Here,you can experience the peace and enlightenment of Zen meditation at one of the oldest Buddist temples in Japan.

DAIJOJI - Temple ( Ishikawa prefecture)

DAIJOJI-Temple is a Zen temple of Soto sect located in the base of the Daijoji Mountain,Kanazawa,Ishikawa.It has a history of more than 700 years and is still one of the strictedst Zen temples in the country.Those who want to learn the culture of Japan deeply have to learn Buddhism and Zen.The temple also accepts people who want to stay and experience the life style of Zen priests.

JOKI - IN Temple (Wakayama prefecture)

JOKI-IN Temple is located in front of Kongobuji temple,the mail temple of the Shingon Sect,at the center of Mt.Koya. This temple offers a training experience.Mt.Koya is a holy place,that was designated 1200years ago by Kobo-daishi as a training site of esoteric Buddhism.Training experiences in the temple,such as reading of hand-copying stras,Zen meditation,water traing,and chores(cleaning,etc.)will open up a new world of discovery.

EIHEIJI - Temple (Fukui prefecture)

EIHEIJI-Temple is located in Fukui.It is one of the two head temples of the Soto sect of Buddhism.Eihi-ji is an active monastry,with some 150 monks and a great number of visitors practicing Zen meditation, and is regarded as one of the most influential Zen temple in the world.One night stay is available.Following the monk’s daily routine, on the first day you will have a bath,dinner and evening meditation,getting up at 3:30am,the second starts with a meditation session and the morning service before breakfast.

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