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Geisha,Maiko,Ozashiki Asobi

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Dinner with Geisha or Maiko(Geisha – in training)

Author Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha and similar books have sparked a curiosity in the Western world about the centuries-old institution of the geisha.Often mistakenly considered to be high-class prostitutes,geisha (which means "practitionaer of the arts") are in fact refined women who wntertain affluent men with their various accomplishments, such as singing, dancing, conversation and playing a traditional instrument. It takes five years for an apprentice geisha,known as maiko, to master their art. Exclusive teahouses known as ochaya developed over the centuries into favored places to entertain important guests. Geisha parties held in tasteful ochaya embody Japanese cultural refinement and aesthetic sensibilities. Geisha and Maiko dress glamorously in kimono to perform traditional dances for their guests. An elegant atmosphere permeates the stylish and cozy setting, which resembles a private theater. The opportunity to appreciate the skills or traditional artist-entertainers at close range is one of the greatest charms of ochaya.

Tea House Games ( OZASHIKI-ASOBI )

Exclusive teahouses know as ochaya developed over the centuries into favored places to entertain important guests. After some dances, various kinds of ozashiki-asobi (teahouse games) begin, adding to the fun of the party.The games refined means of relaxation, lend coloful variety to the occasion, boosting guests’ moods and enhancing their pleasure. Played during intervals between dining and dancing, the games let guests feel like kids again as they share a good time with geisha and maiko. A marked characteristic of teahouse games is that there is no such thing as a written scenario. The proprietress of the ochaya and experienced geiko and maiko take a flexible approach, accommodationg the indivisual needs of their guests. The central emphasis is always on the guests. Geiko and maiko are extremely attuned to guests’ subtle emotions and change their style of service accordingly. Whether guests are newcomers, men, or women, Japanese or foreigners, they always have a whole hertedly enjoyable and memorable time.


Experience dinner with Geisha or Maiko

There are some Japanese restaurants where you can enjoy dinner with Geisha or Maiko performances
at reasonable price.

Geisha in Atami,Shizuoka
Geisha in Asakusa.Tokyo
Geisha in Kyoto
Aizu Higashiyama onsen, Fukushima
Arima onsen in Hyogo
Higashiyama, Kanazawa Ishikawa

"Wow"moment of the Group from Israel

Two Maikos(trainees to be geishas)joined to entertain us during dinner.
Beautiful Japanese dance performance
Their hairstyle is masterpiece of art.
Combined with the neck painted in white.
Also the face is white.
Here,they let us take close photo of the kimonos back.
Maiko Geiko ,Geisha
Happy with a present,Hamsa, from Israel!