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In 1924, 300 Gassho style houses existed in the village. Dam construction on the Sho River following WarⅡ forced many communities to be abandoned while others became submerged below the water. A number of Gassho style houses were transferred outside of Gifu Prefecture.
By 1961 the number of houses had decreased by 30% to 191. Local residents sensed that their village was in crisis caused by depopulation and that their way of life was in threat of extinction.
A series of triangular shaped heavy timber frames comprised of the gassho-zai and the usubari(base of the triangle) forms the roof. The lower end of the gassho-zai called the komajiri is shaped and placed into the usubari. Structurally, the roof and the first floor are separate. When a strong wind blows, the komajiri moves and disperses the force. This is one of the strengths of the Gassho style house.

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Japan tour,ShirakawagoJapan tour,ShirakawagoJapan tour,Shirakawago

Japan tour,ShirakawagoJapan tour,ShirakawagoJapan tour,Shirakawago